A Little Master by Anonymous

Floss and Fluff were the

hap-pi-est dogs in the world.

Floss knew how to snap, and

Fluff knew how to whine,

and if they had been let to

go hun-gry, or cold, or had

been scold-ed, they'd have

been cross, naught-y dogs.

But Floss and Fluff had

good mas-ter. He was a

lit-tle boy on-ly six years

old, but he was a first-rate

mas-ter. His pa-pa said when

he brought Floss and Fluff


"Now, Fred-dy, just as

long as these lit-tle fel-lows

are hap-py, just so long they

are yours!"

Fred-dy knew what that

meant. He fed his beau-ti-ful

pets at reg-u-lar hours ev-er-y

day, and e-ver-y day he combed

and brushed them, and ev-er-y

day he took them out for a

a frol-ic, and they had their

baths at the right time, and

he nev-er held up a bone and

did not give it to them. Be-

cause he was so prompt and

true and kind, Fred-dy was

hap-py, and so were Fluff

and Floss.