Bo-peep's Stocking by Anonymous


Bo-peep was Jack Hor-ner's

lit-tle sis-ter. When he had

his Christ-mas pie she was a

wee ba-by. But the next

Christ-mas, mam-ma hung up

her own lit-tle red-and-white

speck-led stock-ing for her.

Christ-mas morning there

was a great time. Bo-peep

sat on the bed, and shouted

"Goo! goo!" and pulled the

things out her-self from the

gay lit-tle stuffed stock-ing.

A lit-tle white rab-bit peeped

out at the top. His eyes were

made of pink beads. He had

a clov-er leaf in his mouth.

Then came a chi-na pus-sy,

black and yel-low and white.

Then a brown mouse and a

white one. The brown mouse

was choc-o-late. The white

one was su-gar: and Bo-peep

bit off the choc-o-late tail

and a su-gar ear at once.

There was a knit dol-ly, in

a bright blue dress and blue


And a-way down in the toe

of the stock-ing, there was a

lit-tle chi-na hen. She sat in

her nest. The nest was chi-na

too. Bo-peep took her off, and

what do you think she had for

eggs? Pink-and-white car-a-

way seeds!

When Bo-peep went to bed

that night, the lit-tle red stock-

ing was left on the car-pet. In

the morn-ing mam-ma heard a

rus-tle in the stock-ing, and

shook it. Out ran a gray

mous-ie, a real, live mous-ie!

Two or three of Bo-peep's

lit-tle pink-and-white car-a-way

eggs had stayed in the toe of

the stock-ino-. Mous-ie had

smelt them in the night, and had

crept in to get his share of Christ-mas

So Bo-peep thinks she had

two Christ-mas morn-ings.

Wasn't that fun-ny?