The Celebrants by Carolyn Wells

With a shout of joy the rocket stars

Shot up through the evening air,

Triumphantly they reached the sky

And the stars of God were there.

"Make way!" the rocket stars cried out.

"Make way, and give us place;

We have a mission to perform,

We've travelled leagues of space.

We're sent up here to celebrate

A glorious country's birth—

Make way! But a moment we can stay,

Ere we die and fall to earth."

Then spake the old and kindly stars,

"Ye be bright, oh rocket-spawn,

But we are here since the morning stars

Sang at Creation's dawn.

By the Master Hand we were hurled on high

To celebrate the day.

We, too, but shine for the moment Time,

And then we fade for aye.

But have your way, oh tiny sparks,

And while ye may, shine on."

Ere the kindly voices ceased to speak,

The rocket stars were gone.