By Mary Pamela Milne-Horne

ONE day once 'pon a time de King hab a party of ladies an' genelmen. An' arter de party, de band was ter come an' play. But de fiddler was took sick, so dey could not dance. So de King said, "I am gwine ter sen' ober ter my frien's an' ask dem ter come an' sing." So he sen', an' de genelman say he was very glad an' his family was Dog, Peafowl, and Tiger. So he sen' Missis Duck fus, an' dey said, "Can you sing? let me har you voice."

Dey put her in a rocking-chair 'pon de platform, an' de Duck say, "Hahh! hahh!" an' den he say, "Dat will not do. Sen' for Dog." An' dey took her an' put her in a coop, an' all de ducks come round an' ask to have her let out, an' say, "Hahh! hahh! hahh!"

Den dey sen' for Dog an' tole him dat if he fin' a salt beef bone in de road, he mus' not pick it up, 'cos it mek him rough in his troat. So Dog did not pick it up, but pass it; but arter, when he go, his voice did not suit either. Dey tole Dog to sing, an' he said, "How! how! how!" An' de King say, "Don't wan' a man ter ask me how-he will not do." Dey saw a Fowl coming. "Can you sing?" An' de Fowl say "Ka! ka! ka!" an' dey said, "Dat will not do," an' dribe de Fowl 'way. De Cock came in arter, an' de Cock said, "Coquericou," an' dey said, "De King don' wan' ter know when de daylight, sah!" De King came in an' said, "All dese people cannot sing; dey will not do."

Dey sen' Tiger, an' dey said, "You must not pick up a big salt beef bone in de road." An' de Tiger did pick it up, an' Tiger could not sing, an' said, "Grum! grum! grum!"

"Dat voice is wuss dan all, dat voice will not do."

Den dey sen' off for Peafowl, but Peafowl would not go. Dey went back ter dinner, all de people went back ter dinner, an' when dey were at dinner in a large house, de Peafowl came in an' sing-

Mi - kale an' iv'ry, Mi - kale an' iv'rv. Mi -

kale an' iv'ry, Mi - kale an' iv'ry, Why - ou, Why - ou

Why - ou Why - ou Why-ou Wife gwine ter die.

Den de genelmen jump up an' say, "Hullo! What dat?" De King say, "Sing again, my pritty lil' bird," an' den de Peafowl sang, "Mikale an' iv'ry, Mikale an' iv'ry, Mikale an' iv'ry, Whyou, Whyou, Whyou, Whyou, Whyou wife gwine ter die." "What dat? What dat? What dat?" dey say, an' de bird den settin' on de tree sing, "Mikale an' iv'ry," etc.

De King say, "Sing again, you pritty lil' bird. You dress shall be tipped with blue, an' you shall hab a beautiful field of corn as a present." An' de bird sang again better, when he har dat, "Mikale an' iv'ry, Mikale an' iv'ry, Mikale an' iv'ry, Mikale an' iv'ry, whyou, whyou, whyou, whyou, whyou wife gwine ter die." De King jump up an' call de buggy, an' jump in an' tek de Peafowl in, an' all de horses was richly decked, an' all de company very fine, dey dribe de Peafowl home, an' dat why de Peafowl hav such a beautiful dress.