Womanhood, by Madison Cawein


  The summer takes its hue
  From something opulent as fair in her,
  And the bright heaven is brighter than it was;
  Brighter and lovelier,
  Arching its beautiful blue,
  Serene and soft, as her sweet gaze, o'er us.


  The springtime takes its moods
  From something in her made of smiles and tears,
  And flowery earth is flowerier than before,
  And happier, it appears,
  Adding new multitudes
  To flowers, like thoughts, that haunt us evermore.


  Summer and spring are wed
  In her—her nature; and the glamour of
  Their loveliness, their bounty, as it were,
  Of life and joy and love,
  Her being seems to shed,—
  The magic aura of the heart of her.