Hepaticas, by Madison Cawein

  In the frail hepaticas,—
    That the early Springtide tossed,
  Sapphire-like, along the ways
    Of the woodlands that she crossed,—
  I behold, with other eyes,
    Footprints of a dream that flies.

  One who leads me; whom I seek:
    In whose loveliness there is
  All the glamour that the Greek
    Knew as wind-borne Artemis.—
  I am mortal. Woe is me!
    Her sweet immortality!

  Spirit, must I always fare,
    Following thy averted looks?
  Now thy white arm, now thy hair,
    Glimpsed among the trees and brooks?
  Thou who hauntest, whispering,
    All the slopes and vales of Spring.

  Cease to lure! or grant to me
    All thy beauty! though it pain,
  Slay with splendor utterly!
    Flash revealment on my brain!
  And one moment let me see
    All thy immortality!