The Sea Spirit, by Madison Cawein

  Ah me! I shall not waken soon
  From dreams of such divinity!
  A spirit singing 'neath the moon
              To me.

  Wild sea-spray driven of the storm
  Is not so wildly white as she,
  Who beckoned with a foam-white arm
              To me.

  With eyes dark green, and golden-green
  Long locks that rippled drippingly,
  Out of the green wave she did lean
              To me.

  And sang; till Earth and Heaven seemed
  A far, forgotten memory,
  And more than Heaven in her who gleamed
              On me.

  Sleep, sweeter than love's face or home;
  And death's immutability;
  And music of the plangent foam,
              For me!

  Sweep over her! with all thy ships,
  With all thy stormy tides, O sea!—
  The memory of immortal lips
              For me!