Unanswered, by Madison Cawein

  How long ago it is since we went Maying!
  Since she and I went Maying long ago!—
  The years have left my forehead lined, I know,
  Have thinned my hair around the temples graying.
  Ah, time will change us: yea, I hear it saying—
  "She too grows old: the face of rose and snow
  Has lost its freshness: in the hair's brown glow
  Some strands of silver sadly, too, are straying.
  The form you knew, whose beauty so enspelled,
  Has lost the litheness of its loveliness:
  And all the gladness that her blue eyes held
  Tears and the world have hardened with distress."—
  "True! true!" I answer, "O ye years that part!
  These things are chaned—but is her heart, her heart?"