Rollicking Song, by Comedian's Poetry

Hurrah! hurrah I my boys so bright,
For merry ghosts meet here to-night.
We'll sing and dance till dawn of day,
Then up we'll mount, away! away!
Then up, up, and away!

We live in spirit land so gay,
And with grim Satan's fires we play.
You need not fear the future state,
For we will meet you at the gate.
Then up, up, and away!

Come, friends of earth, and read our bill,
'Tis called the "sugar-coated pill;"
'Twill sweeten all life's bitter care,
And lead you up, the saints know where,
Then up, up, and away!

Come laugh with us each man and wife;
A player's stage is earthly life;
The sting of death is only a prick,
And hell the parson's "trap-door trick,"
Then up, up, and away!

Here's Garrick, Booth, and Kean so bright,
They shine like stars to give you light.
So haste and join the merry throng,
And loudly swell our happy song.
Then up, up, and away!