This is a © Book used by Permission from, Marcia E. Havaris

 Journey To The Inner Self




 A fleeting thought,

it’s ripple sends

into the great unknown.


For every thought we ponder long,

A seed, in time, is sown.



© Marcia E. Havaris




Chapter 1





The frailty of human life

is not seen as we live,

yet as we die it is revealed:

we find what we believe.






The fingers of life

write upon the sands of time.

The waves of change

wash up on the beach

and that which was written

is drawn back into its source.





All of life





We are usually

just too busy to notice.



A coincidence

is a happening

that coincides

with Divine Purpose.




Ever changing - yet the same

For that which is to come

Has always been.


What we see does not exist

Unless we look within

And see what truly is.


The light would shine

And reveal the darkness

That never was.




The external reflects the internal.

Our inner thoughts and feeling

become manifest as our outer reality.

Only the inner life is real.


The outward manifestation is merely that –

a manifestation whose purpose

is to reveal more clearly our inner reality.


Once we see the manifestation

we are then able to choose a response

or to take responsibility for what we are creating.


We can then decide if we would like to change

our thoughts or feelings and allow our inner reality

to express more of our true spirit and divinity. …

As we give greater expression

to the Kingdom of heaven within,

we begin to experience an outer reality

which manifests love, peace and truth.


How we choose to respond to any given circumstance

is a result of our perception

and interpretation of that circumstance.


When we remember not to judge anyone or anything

we are no longer bound by our perceptions

which are not based in reality,

but rather are merely a sign of our inner growth

and enlightenment.


When we become fully enlightened

we will no longer experience “perceptions”.

We will “know” the truth and the truth will set us free.




The material world is mere illusion-

Here today, gone tomorrow.


What “matters” is the reality

you create within your heart.




Health, Wealth & Wisdom

are not commonly found together

as it often requires a loss of health or wealth,

as we normally perceive it,

in order to gain a measure of wisdom.




The calypso calls in a multi-colored voice,

Calls to the rhythm of the cosmos within your soul,

Calls you to dance.


Dance in your pain and sorrow.

Dance in your joy and delight.

Dance your questions.

Dance your knowing.

Dance in love.


Come out and dance in the eternal stream of life.

Do not be afraid of the dance within.


The calypso calls in a multi-colored voice,

Calls to the rhythm of the cosmos within your soul,

Calls you to dance.





The Dance begins.

The arms move slowly, gracefully

coloring the silence with their sweeping curves.

The body bends, like a young tree,

whose supple trunk responds with ease

to the invisible energy of the wind.


The feet touch lightly upon the vibrant earth,

drawing on the life force in every rhythmic step.


With every beat of the dance, the heart calls back,

“mine is the rhythm of eternity”,

and in complete oneness with the Cosmos,

enters into a timeless moment of bliss.




Do not affirm

a reality

which you

do not wish

to experience.





Open to all things


but unattached

connected only by spirit.




Nothing is as it appears

nor even as it seems

for what we think we know and see

is illusion and mere dreams.


We must learn to hold no grudge

or grievance in our heart.

Only then can true light shine

and bring, to sight, a start.


For, what you look for in the world

is already within.

And all your searching comes to rest

at the true source therein….


So seek no more the world to change

but rather change yourself.

And be the flame that lights the torch

and spreads peace, love and wealth.


Deep within the heart of man

Divinity is found.

when we remember who we are

no more shall we be bound.




Everything comes from nothing-

An expression of that invisible energy

which pulses with love

and births into existence

all that is created and all that is uncreated.

It is this same energy

which breathes life into us

and which sustains us from moment to moment.

It is this same energy

which draws our spirit on into transition

when we no longer choose to inhabit this body.

It is this same energy

which connects us to all that is

and would have us know that we are all one.




Enlightenment expands

as you expand

to make room for it.


As you make a place for the world

within you,

instead of searching for your place

in the world,

you will experience the light

of a shifted perception.




Insanity ends at the edge of our dreams.

It is there that we encounter the world.

All that is real does appear as it seems.

All illusion is slowly unfurled


As we fall into sleep, our bodies at rest,

our real mind within comes to life.

Our true inner self would reveal what is best

now free of all waking strife.


So drift into dreamland.

Go without fear

knowing that you will be met

by one who will guide you

and is always near

and will never let you forget…


That it is in dreaming

we find who we are

and we learn how to see things for real.

If we but let go of our struggles to be

we will discover we already are

and then we are free to forget about self

and to see others clearly at last

And to recognize God in each face that we view

in the sea of humanity, vast




From where does a thought come?

Not just any thought

but the kind that catches our breath

with an “aha” response from within.

Does it originate in the mind of the individual

or is it the result of a collective thinking?

Does inspiration come to one person at a time

or does it fall like a soft blanket upon the Universe

waiting to be picked up by those who are open to it?

Perhaps it is a collective gift

to be embraced by many simultaneously

for the benefit of the whole.


So as the thoughts of wonder slip into our soul

through the gaps between our ordinary thoughts

the question is can we quiet ourselves long enough …


to hear them and acknowledge them?

As we do, we find an ordinary day

being transformed into a day of wonder

and we recognize once again our connection

to that which is greater than we are,

indeed to that which embraces each of us

and holds us in a pattern of immense beauty

together as a powerful mosaic

which reflects each one of us

simultaneously with the whole.


We are free to be and to experience the mosaic.


Indeed it is the invitation of the Universe

for us to recognize the mosaic within ourselves.




“What lesson did you learn, today, my child?”


I simply sat by an old oak tree

and pondered the mystery of its majesty.


I merely walked through the shady woods

and admired the trees in their emerald hoods.


Being lazy, I lay by the babbling stream

and saw in its current my every dream.


I looked up at the sky, into its face of blue

And saw, in each cloud,

the image of You.




It is that fire which burns passionately

within the center of our being.

It is where we go to warm our souls

when they have grown cold and weary.

It is where we go to melt our hearts

when they have hardened with disbelief.

It is where we go to re-ignite our flame of hope

when it is almost out.

It is where we go when we hunger for direction

and cannot find our way.

It is where we go when our faith is weak

and all we have is questions.

Go to that fire and trust it to be all that you need it to be.

Know that it is the fire of God’s Holy Spirit

- pure Love

- all Truth.




One by one, loosen the tentacles.

Let go of the limitations.

Let go of the grip of illusion.


Find yourself free of anything

that would hold you.

Float on the solid knowing.


Glide through the Sacred Sky

of your inner wisdom.

Detach from all.


Be held only by the divine

which sustains without limiting.

Know yourself to be complete.



What we choose to believe

has an effect upon our evolution as a human species,

but no matter what we believe, it cannot change the truth

which will one day be revealed to all of us

in its fullness.




What we focus our attention upon expands.

If we dwell upon fear it grows & engulfs us.

If we dwell upon love it grows & embraces us

and those to whom we send its energy.


We experience a change of perspective

as our reality shifts

- like a slowly moving prism of light.




From whence do you flow into my heart

and bring, with you, your fear-filled vice?

You are neither welcome nor desired.

Depart from me and be expired.

No longer will you rule in me

with a grip as cold as ice.

Your brittle wall

will crumble, all,

In love’s






I trip.

I falter.

Then I fall.


There is none

to catch me.

None at all.



Sink into that place deep within

that is where you meet your beginning

and the beginning of all that is.

You are not alone, for there in the darkness

is the love which waits to be born in you

when you are ready to create

all that you will become.



I stare into the face

of the one-dimensional image, suspended in time.

A singular moment, stolen and sustained for 50 years.


The smile, frozen, unflinching.

The head held high

in a fleeting moment of perfection.

The hands so still upon the lap

so sure, so steady.                   

What was the music that played for you

What refrain did you sing each day of your life

as the road unraveled before you?

How did you choose to live each moment of your life?

What wisdom would you share with me

if you could, even now, step out of your Portrait?




Memories unbidden

dance before my eyes

Images unhidden

take me by surprise.

Every thought I’ve ever had

lives within my cells.

Each experience, eternally stored

deep within the wells

of whom I’ve been

and where I’m going

now to be recalled.

The silent witness,

the observer standing in the hall





Fear of death consumes humanity.

Not just the fear of physical death,

but the death of hope, of ideas, of plans;

the death of the familiar, the ordinary, the known.


When one believes in the “re-birthing” process,

one loses that “ fear of dying.”

We become aware of how necessary

and how frequent “dying” really is

in order to experience the fullness of life and the spirit.


In this way, “dying to the self”

is not a thing of martyrdom,

but rather an ongoing, eternal reality and process

along the journey to discover one’s spirit

and one’s connection to the divine,

both within and without.




The gentle, flowing stream of life

would wash away all pain and strife,

would bathe us in its cool delight,

would soothe us with its warming light,

would mingle with our tears of pain,

refreshing us with love again,

would fill our hearts with joy’s desire

and cleanse us with its purest fire.

Deep within, this river flows,

The silent witness in us knows

its grace-filled Source is God alone,

Who dwells within each sacred tone.

So, sing, and see your prayers ascend

to the Kingdom which has no end

and find, within this river sweet,

your joy, your love, your life, complete.





- no matter what



- at all moments



- with no effort



- with no struggle




We should live each day

as if this IS eternity.


Why do we always

project into the future

our hope for a world

of love and peace?


Why do we not focus

on creating that reality

right here,

right now?




Toiling hands, wrinkled and worn,

clasped in silent prayer.

Weary feet, whose every step

was on the path of care.


A heart that broke so many times

it has no place to tear.

A love so deep and tender,

its quality is rare.


The photos on the wall are many,

friends and family all.

Yet the love extended

far beyond duty’s call….


No thought was spent

in idle moments,

no task that did not count.

For every waking moment

sprung from the eternal fount

of love, unchanging, pure and true

whose desire was to serve

the sacred, holy You.




It is that which allows what is to be.

It observes but does not react.


It reaches out to help

but does not strive to change.


It listens

without rushing into a response

and does not listen in order to correct.


It sits still

and senses that which moves about it

without being moved by it.


It waits patiently,

knowing that all things come to pass

at the right moment,

which is now.


It speaks gently,

not trying to convince,

for it has no need to be right.


It lets go of the unnecessary,

holding onto only that which sustains it.



The shell decays. The body fades.

The senses all grow dim.

Yet the soul remains. The Spirit shines

True images of him.

He smiles, still, at memories past.

More recent thoughts don’t seem to last.

He talks of family, friends and farm.

He is ever polite, with the same sweet charm.

His eyes grow bright, His smile warm,

as certain memories come to mind.

Acts of kindness, constant giving,

all in days now left behind.

The body fades, yes, this is true.

And yet, the Spirit, the real “you”

lives on forever, free at last

To enter the “now”

and to leave the past.




You never know

what hidden truth

may lie deep

within a



I do not know

the meaning of mystery

But I believe

in the miracle

of love.




Take this moment and live it as you wish.

You are not bound by any law

to live the present as you lived the past.


Do not lament and say, “it is too late to change”.

How can it be too late when NOW is all there is?


Forget the past and, with courage in your heart,

take up your life in the fullness of its potential

and dare to live today –

to be who you truly are-

to experience NOW, freely and fully.


You do not need to stay in your self-made prison

of “same-ness”.

You hold the key in every choice you make. ..


Decide now to be free and the chains will fall off easily.

Walk in your true freedom

and every moment will become an expression

of your inner divinity.


It is not others which bind us.

We are but bound by our own unbelief.


Know that you are already free

and stop carrying the weight of chains

which are but illusions.


For nothing can bind the Son of God

who is one with God.




When you open a window in your house

you experience an exchange of air

and a renewed freshness,

and the room is filled with light

as you draw back the blind.


So it is when you open a window in your soul.


You exchange the stale air of fear and doubt

for the fresh air of faith and hope.


You are filled

with a renewed sense of purpose and meaning

and you experience the light of love

as you draw back the blind.




How do I travel from my head to my heart?

From my thoughts to my feelings?

From the words to the experience?


The journey is not easy.

It only now begins.

I must let go of the outer and travel deep within.


No answer will I find there

‘till I bare my very soul.

And drink of the cup of wisdom

and once again be whole.




“Birthday” is another word for “Mystery”.

There is nothing else that fills us with such wonder

as does the miracle of new life.


Who can fathom the perfect symmetry and harmony

which creates that moment

when God enters the physical realm

in the form of a helpless, trusting, innocent baby -

bringing pure, holy love into our world

in the disguise of a tiny infant?


Oh that we would behold the divinity within each child,

and surround each child with unconditional love,

and encourage each child to remember the love

they already knew before they were conceived. …


Every birthday should be a reminder

of the spirit deep within humanity

which craves only to be expressed through love.




Our soul

has within it

the bright light of the sun,

yet often the light is clouded

by a greyness,

a mass of confusion unresolved.

The light would penetrate the cloud

and dispel the darkness.

But we must choose to be in the light

and allow it to shine through us,

in this way,

transforming the grey

into grace.




Quiet within

Raging without

Barrage of noise

Society - imposed


Breathe deeply

Feel the center

Dim the outer illusions

Stay within


Inhale the light

Expand the aura

Bathe in the luminescence

Drink deeply of the calm




Can we let our spirits soar,

free of worry, care or strain?

Can we bathe in living waters

that would wash away all pain?


Deep within us lies the answer

to each question of our hearts.

When we find the loving center,

in the whole we’ll see all parts.





may not

have turned out

the way I used to think

I wanted them to.



I absolutely

want them to be

the way they are now.




I sat and wept

for all my limitations.

My heart said “yes”

My mind said “no,

not in present situations.”


Why can I not change my schedule

and not be so duty bound?

Where is the courage that I need

and the strength,

Where are they found?...


Look deep within

for your heart knows

exactly what to do.

If you will listen

without fear

it lovingly will guide you.


Then you will find that your purpose

will expand and become clear.

And you will know the meaning

of  living without fear.



Meditation for a New Millennium



We come to this moment in time,

filled with wonder and awe.

How is it that we have chosen to be here on the earth

during this time of mystery and cosmic shift?

We feel deep gratitude for all that we have learned

and experienced in our life time

knowing that it has prepared us for this moment,

and every person who has come and gone before us

has left their imprint upon the universe

providing a great multitude of paths

from which we may choose to follow.

Or we have the choice of creating a new path

and inviting others to follow.

Whichever choice we make

the universe invites us to dedicate ourselves with passion

to fulfilling our life’s purpose.


As we look upon human suffering,

may our hearts be moved so deeply

that we take compassionate action?

May we not stoop to pity,

but rather rise to the fullness of love

and move quickly to bring relief?


As we look upon the declining condition of Mother Earth,

may our conscience be fired

with the reality of the responsibility

each one of us has to save the Earth…


May we not turn our heads

at the sight of destruction

or close our ears

to the cries of the earth and the wildlife,

but rather may we make a conscious effort

to make a difference,

to take a stand

and to speak our truth on behalf of the voiceless?


May we ever be grateful for the gift of life

and the many opportunities it presents to us:

opportunities to express love,

to choose truth, to dispel fear,

to bring peace, to grant hope,

to experience wonder?


May we choose always the loving response

to every situation

and trust that all things work together for good

as the universe conspires on our behalf?


May we live each day more fully in the moment

with hearts full of love and forgiveness,

and not carry grievances with us into tomorrow,

but instead choose to lovingly let go

and begin each day with a clear slate?


May we not spend our energy

in maintaining memories

that do not serve our higher purpose,

but rather choose to spend that energy

creatively and lovingly in the present moment?


May we remember that we are spirit,

energetic, loving, holy, powerful spiritual beings

and that what we see with our physical eye

is temporal and holds meaning

only as we give meaning to it?


May we look within

and see that which lies deep within us

at the center of our being,

that which is true and changeless,

that which is pure and loving

and which holds eternal meaning and value?


And may we come to a place

of complete love and wholeness,

allowing healing in our lives

and in the lives of all humanity.

For in the moment

when we truly love and forgive ourselves

we make it possible

for the rest of mankind to also love and forgive itself.


Whatever we give, we receive.

And we are free in every moment

to choose love and peace.

May this be the beginning of world peace

as the universe responds to the peace within our hearts,

and may we come to know ourselves

as one with all of creation,

and with the Creator within?


May the year 2000 open gently like a beautiful flower,

revealing its wonder as each petal unfolds

and releases the soothing fragrance of love

which would speak to us

of the infinite beauty and grace of life.





Chapter 2




The hands of time stand still,

each face a different hour.

When time exists no more

then we will have true power.


Step out of time when you desire

illusions to dismiss

and recognize the eternal fire,

which burns, as all that is




As your feet,

upon the earth,

walk in the path of time



does spread its wings

and invites your holy mind


To rise

above the world you see

and dwell within eternity,



that all there is,

is NOW,


As in that moment

you will know.



Deep within, the cry is heard

and echoes in the silence still.

The soul lies in a pool of longing

the River of Life alone can fill.


Fingers of time reach out to claim

the soul in deep despair.

Once again the cry is heard,

Peace, in time, is not found there”.


Go deeper still, beyond all time,

to the one, eternal moment.

And in your Source, find peace again.

God’s love expands within it.




The clock ticks.

We talk.

The moments ebb away.


Our thoughts mingle

with the flow.

With every word we say.


The wind blows.

The chimes ring.

How fast the hours fly.


A few more thoughts

between the minutes.

No need to say “good-bye”.




Often we worry needlessly

about not having enough time

to do all the things

we think we ought to do,

when really, all that matters,

is that we allow ourselves

to be fully present

in each moment,

whatever we are doing,

and this way

life will unfold

as it is meant to.




Time ticks on like a clock on a wall

wound up like an eternal spring.

We can choose to be caught

in its invisible web

or tune out its incessant ticking.


Whatever we choose, the reality is

the Present is all that we know.

So, savor the moment,

the invisible now

and let go of the fast and the slow.




She swings beneath the apple tree

whose blossoms scent the air.

Both tree and child are young

and free of worry and of care.


Through the years the apple tree grew,

providing shelter from the sun.

The girl grew up and moved away,

days of childhood now all gone.


The tree stood tall and leafy green

through many summers past,

a monument to days gone by

and seasons changing fast…


The old apple tree lies fallen now,

its branches broken and bare.

Silently its once graceful limbs

reach yet into the air.


The days of youth for both tree and girl

have flown by, it seems.

Though time has changed the way they look

it has not changed their dreams.




Time-travel is easy, since all moments are one.


It is our “linear” perception of time that prevents us

from experiencing the “oneness” of the moment




We can alter the future

by changing the present.

Future events have vibrations

which increase as they come closer to us.

As we become more sensitive,

we can tune into these vibrations

and know intuitively what the future holds.

Then we can make changes in the present moment

which will alter the future present.



Waves of energy dance and play

Thought patterns weave in and out of the eternal dance.

There is one call - the call to love-

It speaks with many different voices,

drawing unto itself all creation.


Paths cross and sights meet.

Souls know and hearts sing.

This moment is eternity expressed

in one perfect flower in time’s garden.

The rose opens and embraces all humanity, one-by- one,

who are drawn by the fragrance of love.

As the petals fade and fall to the ground

the essence remains in the eternal embrace.

And the rose once more unites with the earth.

The cosmic dance continues - perfect in its pulsing rhythm.




When we remember who we are

we can then recognize that everything is as it should be.


Nothing matters

– in that there is nothing to be upset about.


We can live in the NOW

when we finally remember that

 past and future

 are mirrors of illusion.




Since time is an illusion and there is only NOW,

that explains why “past lives” still have

such a profound effect upon us.

We actually experience all our lives at the same time

- moving back and forth between them -

repeating similar circumstances, choices and responses,

being in relationship to the same people

in one way or another.


Since all experiences are happening simultaneously,

our emotional responses are locked into a certain pattern

which maintains our connection to these experiences.


In order to move beyond these life experiences

we must remember Who we are…


and by re-establishing the awareness of our Higher Self

we can then transcend the emotional whirlwind

of the experiences and observe them from a point beyond…


Becoming the observer

allows us to release the emotional ties

and bondage to the experiences

and allows us at once to discover our life purpose

and to see the spiritual meaning

in all of the ways we have attempted

to express ourselves in “past lives”.


In this way we break free of the grip of our emotional body

and enter into the flexibility of our spirit.

We continue the experience of our physical incarnation

but we perceive it as an expression of spirit

which will ultimately lead us back

to complete union with our Higher Self…


could more accurately be expressed

as “simultaneous incarnation”.

Occasionally we feel we have known certain people

in a past life.

This “knowing” does not have to be limited

to a “past life” relationship.

It is possible that even now we are working with them

in another dimension.

Tuning into our Higher Self

will allow us to access not only the awareness

of this connection

but also the energy of its greater purpose

so that we do not find ourselves

merely repeating the relationship

with the same emotional frequencies,

but we can now move beyond these limitations

and begin to experience the fullness of our spiritual reality.


Our emotional patterns

lock us into a circular expression of our physical self.

Only when we reconnect with Spirit

do we then have the power

to break free of the binding emotional body

and truly experience transformation and “new birth”.


This is the foundational truth

of the transformative power

of the “spiritual experience” or being “born again”,

as held by Christianity.

At the moment when we accept our alliance with Christ,

when He becomes our Savior,

and we express our desire to be re-united with God,

we then experience the opening of our Spirit

and the release from our previous bondage

to the physical and emotional bodies…

When we confess our “sins”

we are simply choosing

to release their control in our lives.


We are asking for forgiveness

which means we desire a clean slate

upon which to express ourselves.


We have full access to this “clean slate”

once we recognize that we are spirit

and that spirit is not bound by the experience

of time and space.


Our spirit is free to express itself in its highest form

and to experience its oneness with God at all times.


Nothing can separate us from this loving union

with the Creator and when we grasp this truth

the experience of our reality then shifts completely....

We then perceive our circumstances in a different light,

now being aware of our higher purpose.

We realize that in every moment

we are free to choose and that,

indeed, we have created those very options

from which to choose.


At all times we are free to stand back and observe our lives.

Once we recognize the fluidity

of our simultaneous incarnations,

we become overjoyed at the realization

that Creation is our purpose.

We then begin to experience the truth

that Love is all there is and that all is One in Love…


So when we look at each other

we are really looking at ourselves. …


There is no difference between you and me.

We are each simply a different side or angle

on the multi-faceted, formless form of God.


Time is merely

an expression of our experience of change”.

Time itself does not exist apart from this expression.


When we intentionally send healing into our past,

we will experience this healing now

at our cellular level.


Since there is no difference between “then” and “now”

the healing is simultaneous

in all dimensions of our experience.


When we experience a sense of longing

to be somewhere else,

we are actually there already….

That deep longing is a resonance

of the actual experience of being there…


So when we say, “I will be with you in spirit

even though I cannot actually be there”,

we are confusing our realities.


For truly,

where our spirit is

then so shall our reality be.


I “think” I am bound to a certain reality

so that is what I perceive as my experience.


When really I am free to experience

all realities as a flowing, flexible mirror before me.


I can choose to step in and out of the flow as I wish

and thus am “at all times” creating my “reality.




It is not time itself that makes the difference

but how we manage time.

It is not how much time we have

but what we do with each moment that counts.

Anything that holds truth is real –

more real than what we dimly perceive to be our reality.

The Truth comes to us embedded in a reality

that cannot change or be interfered with.

The true reality lies within us

and it is here that we have actual experience of life.





Today I will choose peace above all else.

I will live in harmony with others.

Today I will remain calm.

I will hold silence at my center.

Today I will not worry.

I will trust the universal wisdom.

Today I will not judge anyone or anything.

I will accept all as it is.

Today I will not hurry.

I will allow my life to unfold gracefully.

Today I will not dwell on self.

I will reach out with vision towards others.

Today I will not withhold love.

I will choose compassion as my only response.

Today I will not dwell in fear.

I will remember that pure love is all there is….


Today I will not question my potential.

I will remember that I am a powerful, spiritual being.

Today I will live fully in each moment.

I will not be bound by the illusion of past and future.

Today I will call out to God.

I will find the eternal kingdom of heaven within my being.

Today I will remember I am not separate from others.

I will rejoice in my oneness with God and all of creation.

Today I will be myself,

a pure, loving, divine spirit,

created and sustained by the love of God.




Why does it take us so long

to learn to let go of these strongholds of our mind?

Why do we insist on spending energy sustaining what was?

Only when we let go

are we free to live each moment in newness,

unbound by the chains of repeat thinking.

We must recognize that the past has already served us

and that it is powerless in the present,

but we must make the choice

to be now-aware” and :now-here”

instead of floating on a sea of regrets

or “if only”s or “would-ifs”

and finding ourselves going nowhere…


And we must also take action in the present moment

for only then will our thoughts become our reality.

Truly tomorrow never comes

and there is power only in today.


So make a choice now to live your reality

moment by moment,

creating and recreating,

 always knowing that you are already perfect

and merely waiting to wake up.



2000 years

is just



in the

eternal bucket


cosmic expression.



Chapter 3




An Apple or a Sphere

A Seed or a Tear?

Who can fathom the Mystery?

The Apple feeds upon the Sphere.

From the Seed falls a Tear.

Another day in History.




The bird, in flight carries your soul.

The fish, in water, swims with you.

The rocks cry out, “have you not heard?”

All creation knows, its true,

that life sustains the world you see.

Its breath comes from eternity.

Nothing exists you have not known.

and there is no sky you have not flown.




One leaf blows in the wind

and we do not hear a thing.

Two leaves blow in the wind

and, together, we hear them sing.




She holds within her depths the resonance of my soul

which dances with the fluid beauty of the tide

and which moves with the knowing grace

of the multi colored fish.


I hold within my cells

the creative energy of her every wave.

Her power swells within my breast

with its sweeping ebb and flow

in the perfect rhythm of the universe.


I lose myself in her embrace

only to find myself once again expressed

as she majestically masks the rocks

with her ever moving face. …


She loses herself in me knowing that she lives eternally

in every moment in which I reach out,

speak out, or go within;

that every thought I have

 is a creative reflection of her spirit.


We are one, the Ocean and I.

Together we dance and sing our song of love,

in every moment creating,

in harmonic unison,

the music of the cosmos.




As petals fall,

so pass the days of youth,

revealing life

and deeper layers of truth.

As the flower

bares its naked stem,

so does the Soul

more vulnerable become.

Finally naught remains

at life's end days

but the fragrance,

in the memory, that stays.

A leaf, a thorn,

but what of these, at last?

for once the petals fall

the flower is past.




Sea shells - many sea shells

Hollow memories of the waters of yesteryear.

They hold the mysteries of the sea.

They hold the memories

of the one who gathered them

along the shore of days now gone.

What were her thoughts,

as she carefully lifted them, one by one,

from their bed of sand?


Of what did they speak?

What song did they sing as she held them in her hand?

Even now, their fragile beauty

Speaks of the mystery of life.

As the lines of time curve gently

across the featureless face of each shell.




What is the dormant life-force

which lies deep within the rocks?

What stories would they tell

if they could speak?


They are a silent monument

to all that they have seen.

They hold within them, treasures,

memories of that which has been.




The sky is on fire as the air explodes

and the silence is shattered

 by a million decibels of roaring thunder.


The storm has unleashed her fury

in blankets of pointed pellets of rain.


The trees are bent

beneath the unforgiving hand of the wind

while the rain whips through the branches

which are wildly reaching for an invisible anchor.


The birds have ceased their singing

and seek shelter from the wrath of nature's outburst.




Beautiful, autumn-colored trees

Now we see them in full foliage

But when they lose their leaves

do we then view spoilage?


Or do we look within and see

the living energy flow

which dresses them in season

and gives sleep beneath the snow?


This same energy is our true source

and would nurture us in due course

if we but choose to see beyond

and come to know we have been found.




The air grows chill,

The water, still,

as Autumn days unfold.


Down, down, down below

our bodies now becoming slow,

resilient to the cold.


The darkness calls us,

deeper now

and, unafraid, we willingly bow.

The inner knowing can’t be fooled.

in shallow water we won’t be pooled.




The fish descend

to the bottom of the deepest water

as the days grow cold and their bodies slow.

They follow their instinct,

“knowing” how to survive the dark, cold days of winter.


The birds fly south and flock together

as winter comes with colder weather.

They do not question.

They follow their instinct,

“knowing” where to go and when to leave….


Can we not learn from them

and leave our fears behind?

Can we not go deep within ourselves

and find that slow, still place of refuge?

Can we not relinquish our worrisome questions

and move into the sunlight,

finding for ourselves a warmer climate?


Or must we sit here in our mad, social hypnosis

and fear the cold and longer days of forgotten ways,

asleep to the deep intuition within,

which would guide us

if only we would remember Who we are?




Our garden is a paradise

wherein much beauty grows.

Each flower wears a face, divine

the queen of all: the Rose.


The rocks, themselves, such stature prove,

of time, an endless measure

and embrace the water's lilied surface

which crowns darting ,golden treasure.


The evergreens stand stately tall

as monuments to life.

Their branches spread a canopy,

a cool retreat from strife.


The gate is always open there

as a silent invitation

to walk in peace and quiet prayer,

each step, a meditation.




Clouds, when seen from below

may obscure the sun from our view,

causing us to think that the day is dull and dreary.

But when we take flight and soar like eagles

we can fly above the clouds.


We enter the full sunlight and look down

to see the billowy clouds below.

That which once clouded our vision

is now seen as beautiful.


It is we who must move

and allow a shift in perception

to take place in our reality

in order to be able to see things

as they really are.




Gentle faces are deep in thought,

humble and quiet,

receiving from nature,

returning to the earth without a tear.


Their beauty graces the rocks.

They tilt their heads and kiss the air

as the breeze blows wistfully by


They smile-

ever lost in silent conversation with the earth


Their presence does not make a sound

and yet it speaks of peaceful beauty, now unveiled




Every day

you can see through the trees

more and more,

as the leaves continue to fall.


The light filters through the baring branches,

painting the silhouette with a faintly glowing hue,

until finally, there will be nothing more

than the glory of “bare branches against the sky”.


What are the leaves in our life

that must fall to allow the light to filter through?

Will we one day be simply bare branches

silhouetted against the expanse of the Creator,

needing nothing more?




All of Nature dwells in unity and peace.

The flowers do not argue with the grass.

The shrubs do not compete with the trees.

The rocks do not challenge the stream.


Every tree and flower and rock has a spirit

which feels what is felt by all.

The trees bend in harmony with the wind.

Each flower graces the pathway

with humble beauty.


And the rocks offer up the wisdom of the ages

to the joyous waters of the stream…


Can we stand still long enough

to sense this peaceful harmony?

Can we quiet the raging voices within us

and listen to the whispering wisdom of the ages?


Can we open our inner eyes

to the natural beauty and grace

of the spirit of Mother Earth?

Can we recognize our oneness with all of nature

and lovingly enter into the community of the cosmos?




The fog obscures

what lies beyond,

invisible, the Void.


Yet full of wonders still unseen,

Journeys untaken,

words not spoken.





born in a heart of desire,

mixed with compassion,

ignites like a fire,

Blazing a trail

as it circles the earth

creating a field

of new hope and rebirth.




Last night the moon put me to bed.

Her face was full and bright.

She slowly rose from behind the trees

to her throne -

this Queen of the Night.


She cast her shadow of golden hue

across the earth as she rose

and silently sang her lullaby,

which only the hoot owl knows.


My eyes grew heavy beholding her face.

My body was floating, it seems,

as she lulled me into her jeweled kingdom

of mystery and dreams.




The snow drifts aimlessly

across the field.

By winter’s wind ‘tis blown.

Tall grass,

like frozen soldiers

stands where it had once grown.


No voice is heard.

No path is seen.

The wind alone does blow

across the vacant,

vast expanse

now blanketed in snow.




It is the Sun, the Moon,

I never will forget,

shedding light, casting shadows,

always there, yet hidden oft,

amidst the mystery of time.


They are constant, without judgment

and ever faithful in their vigil.


It is we who change and find, at once,

the light too bright, the heat too hot,

the night too dark, the stars invisible.


When it is cold we long for warmth.

When it is warm we long for cool.

When it is bright we search for shade.

When it grows dark we look for light…


Alas, we have forgotten how to be,

to know the moment and to dwell in that

without feeling the need to change it.


So seldom are we prepared for “now.”

It frightens us to think of being truly present -

and yet, until we choose to experience “now”

we cannot overcome the illusion of fear.


So, step into the shadow and know its mystery.

Step into the light and know its revelation.

Look up to feel the down

Look down to feel the up.

Look out to know where is in.

Look in to find out.

All truth is found in opposites - in a paradox - in reversal –

in being able to “see things differently”.




We say

“the moon rises and brightens the night”

But deep down within us

we’ve forgotten the light

that would rise just as often

and float ‘cross our sky

and be a bright beacon

for our own “third eye”.




Diamonds in the snow

like hidden treasures glow

with otherworldly gleam.


The sunlight shines upon them

as they turn their faces upward

more brilliant now they seem.




Vast, the landscape,

yet not so vast

as the horizon in my heart.


The sun sets, and with it, the day.

yet as the sun sets within my heart

it is life itself that disappears.


Though the moon rises

in the cloudless sky so bright

there is no moon

within my soul to cast its light

upon the desolate dark

of my inner night.




I cry out from the belly of the whale

“Save the earth -

heal the waters -

love the land.”

As the whale sings its unchanging

song of the centuries,

So does the earth

send out its melancholy music,

begging for our love and our help.


What the earth suffers is what we suffer.

So we must forgive ourselves

and forgive all others

and come back to love-

and nurture the earth,

that it might continue to nurture us also.




Every experience of pain resonates within the Earth.

A million voices scream out

from deep within her breast.

Mother Earth cannot quiet the echo of anguish

which tortures her very soul.

Therein lies the mad misery of hell.

But we, in every moment,

have within us, a power to heal the pain.

As we align our spirits

with the unconditional, loving spirit of God,

we send out waves of light.

This light surrounds the earth

and filters through the layers of darkness,

redeeming the pain.

Only as we all come to the place of salvation

and absolute peace

will the tears of sorrow be able to dissolve

and all mourning turn into joy.

God awaits the day when we turn from our wandering

and come back to Him -

back to ourselves.

At that moment the earth will be renewed

and Mother Earth will cry tears of joy

and offer up her heart to the heavenlies.

There will be no more darkness

for there will be no more turning from the light.

All shadows will cease

and we shall stand face to face with our Creator

and will know our oneness with all

and will dwell in that knowing for the rest of eternity.

Therein lies the mystery of heaven.




A blanket of magic

descends silently,

shrouding the earth

in a cloak

of shimmering white.


All that was different

is now the same ~

a luminescent wonder

as far as the eye can see.


What appeared separate

is now one ~


in the tranquil beauty

of nature.





Chapter 4





If I am You

and You are Me,

then together

we are we.


The question is,

when we’re apart,

who are we then

when you have my heart?




Separateness is an illusion,

which fear would have us to believe.


But it us only when we believe ourselves

to be separate

that we then need to be afraid.


For if we are not one with all

then we have lost ourselves

and the illusion then becomes

our reality.




One never knows what mystic spirit

dwells behind each human mask.

We should meet each other

with the same grace we would bring

to a meeting with God Himself,

for it is the Eternal Spirit which indwells each human

and reaches out to find itself again in another.




It is not for me to judge

how another is choosing

to respond to the revelation

of God within.




This is the pain and the hell.

When we forget that we are all connected

to every living, vibrating energy,

then we experience alienation -

not just from the perceived world around us,

but even more, from the real world within us.


When one experiences “God”

then the energy flows like a living current,

connecting us once again to the divinity of the universe.


If one only perceives “God” with the intellect,

the soul still sits in starvation.

We must allow the divine energy

to consume us if we are to truly be “born again”.




How we view another person

locks them into the pattern

of the image we perceive to be their reality.


We will continue to experience

that which we desire to change

until we see that it never was as it appeared to be.


When we learn to see within others

that which is ever true and pure,

then our reality as we perceive it

will be built upon pure, holy truth

and we will come to know

that divine love

is all there is.




See all as one.

Know yourself as one with all.


Dwell only in love

- choosing each moment

only love –

pure and true.


Create freely in this love,

that which you would experience,

knowing that you are, also,

lovingly providing a backdrop

against which others

may view their experiences.




In the illusion

we say we are something they are not,

or they are something we are not.

And yet, in truth,

whatever we observe in another

exists within ourselves

or we would not be able to see it in another.


So, in all humility,

we are wise to look within

and to choose to keep only love

and to release all else.


In so doing,

we would then see pure love

in everyone we look upon…


So do not judge;

only observe and love.


Forgiveness is the path to pure love.

One cannot love what one has not forgiven.


So when we feel blocked from love

we can be sure we are holding unforgiveness

in some corner of our heart.


Open the windows and release it all

so the divine light may enter and fill your being

with the energetic, healing power

of pure, holy love.




A dirty face,

two tiny hands

all smudged by lack of love.

No words to speak,

no laughter learned

unlike those living up above.

How did they come

to spend their days

in this deep, dark well?

Why, so young,

must they know pain

and sorrow straight from hell?...

Is there no hope

for these, the lost,

who dwell in such disgrace?


Is there not one

with courage high

who will the demons face?

I must wonder at myself

surrounded by such wealth.

How can I live another day

and not extend my help?

There is nothing that I need,

no, nothing I desire

except to spend my life

each day in love’s sweet fire

and to carry hope and peace

to those beneath the earth

who in every waking moment

live in question of their birth.




Who will go and dry their tears?

Who will go and ease their fears?

Who will go and give them food?

Who will show them what is good?

Who will help them find their way?

Who will bring light to their long day?


How can we sit here, silently,

and not be brought to tears?

How can we let our busy lives

so blindly hide our fears?...


When will we learn to let it go?

for none of it will last.

When will we move into the now

and not dwell in the past?


My God, I do not understand

how far away I’ve gone

from what You have shown me

and what You would have done.




The “laying on of hands” as a healing technique

provides a physical expression

of the already existing link or connection of all spirit.

We are choosing to outwardly experience

that which our spirit knows to be the only true path

to healing - that is: becoming aware

and acknowledging that we are all one

at the deepest level of our Spirits.


Housed in our physical bodies

 we perceive the apparent reality of “separateness”.


When we choose to extend ourselves

beyond the limitations of the illusion of the concrete

we once again discover our reality

as a flowing river of life, pure, holy, one.


As we open our eyes to look within, we will see all there.

Each of us contains the universe

within the living waters of our spirit.


We perceive ourselves as separate from others

only when we embrace the illusion

of our lives as floating by,

and us as helpless to change

 the seeming course of life events.


When we realize that all of life

flows within each one of us,

we can connect at a deeper level

and, ourselves, become the river of life.




When we experience illness or accidents

at the physical/emotional level,

it is a cry from our spirit to recognize our oneness.

As I reach out to you,

either energetically or actually touching you,

our spirits once again fuse

and it is that fusion which rises to the surface

and brings the release of the fountain of wholeness

once again into our physical reality.

As we become more and more connected

and more aware of our spiritual reality

there will be less and less need

for any physical manifestation

of our separateness from one another

and from “wholeness”.




Unconditional love sees the person,

not the personality, not the pain,

not the actions, not the experiences.

It loves the essence, which is spirit.

It sees the beauty of the god-likeness within.

It calls the spirit to remember its divinity,

to move past the polarity of activities

and to go beyond all levels of feeling,

to find its way back to the Source of all

and to enter into the realm

of unconditional love once more,

opening itself to a forgiveness which is not necessary

because there is no blame or judgment.

For Unconditional Love

cannot judge conditionally.

It sees only the perfection of the soul.




Can you imagine

a Universal Circle of Humanity?


If each one of us were to reach out

and hold the hand of another

until everyone in the entire world

was holding someone’s hand?

At that moment

we would recognize our oneness with all humanity

and the Universal Energy of God

could flow through us simultaneously

creating instant World Peace.


Let us hold this image

in our collective mind and heart,

thus revealing the reality of Eternal Love.




We enter into this world, connected to the physical source

of our existence, our mother, and surrounded by water,

a strong, flowing element of the physical universe.


We are not alone -

we are held by many and we reach out to all.

The physical cord no longer connects us to our “source”

but we will forever be connected

at a deeper level of our being,

as a reminder of the oneness of all creation.


We are not seen as “separate”

when we are in the infant stage of our development.

All people reach out to hold us

without thinking to ask us for permission. …


And that is as it should be,

in that we desire to experience and to express love

and we have no regard for boundaries or limitations.

As we grow physically,

we enter into the seeming reality of a world

which experiences separateness,

through the expression of the “individual”.


We learn to see ourselves apart from the universe

and separate from those around us.


We begin to strive to protect ourselves,

to keep things to ourselves and for ourselves.


Gradually we lose our sense of oneness with all.

This creates a deep loneliness

and a feeling of “unlovedness”. …


We work harder to achieve

the feeling of success and control in our lives,

only to find we keep pushing away from us

the true experience we so deeply desire

- complete love and knowing ourselves as one

with the Creator and all creation.

Then as we move into the final stage

of our physical experience,

many of us once again become dependent upon others

for our care in every way.


Once again we cannot choose who enters our room,

who changes our clothes,

who holds our hand,

who washes our face,

who feeds us or puts us to bed. …


We become reconnected with society

through our loss of “individualism”

and we feel like we have lost ourselves.


Nothing has prepared us for this stage

so we do not recognize our re-initiation into “oneness”.


Nothing has prepared society for this stage

so it does not recognize its role

in expressing this oneness.


Love is not given as freely as it is needed -

for we have been taught to be careful

and to express love only in certain ways.

Yet love is all there is and all that is needed

to recreate the awareness of the unity of all souls….


So as we prepare to leave our physical bodies

we can only hope to be free once again

to express and receive love unconditionally

in an exchange with all

who will recognize their oneness

with us and all.




When we criticize or judge another person

for what we perceive

to be their negative characteristics,

we buy into the illusion,

thereby reinforcing the seemingly apparent reality

that we so desire to change.


What is needed

is for us to see them as they really are,

which is:

a pure, holy, loving child of God,

a powerful, energetic, spiritual being,

attempting to remember Who they really are…


Only as we allow

the miracle of love and total forgiveness

to take place in us,

can it then take place in the world around us.


For we are not separate from anyone or anything.


In attempting to change another person first,

we are extending our focus

into the illusion of separateness

and thereby supporting the delay

of the miracle of transformation.




If something is true about one, it is true about all.

At the deepest level of the Spirit

we are One - pure love, perfect beings.

In our human form we choose to experience,

and between the level of the Spirit

and the surface of humanity,

dwell all possibilities.

Each one of us has the potential

to be or experience anything.

We must be careful, therefore, not to judge another,

for it is only in an area with which we do not wrestle

that we feel ourselves to be greater or stronger.

But if we look honestly within ourselves

we will quickly see

that which others find easy to judge within us.

So we must look at each other with loving forgiveness

and thereby find ourselves gently forgiven.




Love is the magic.

Its spell cannot be broken.

It would weave its wonders

in every heart,

drawing soul to soul.


Let go of the impostors of illusion

that would pull you away from this circle.


See them for what they are

and surrender to the love in your heart

that would melt the icy fear of disenchantment.


Come take my hand

and let me lead you into the circle of love.





Chapter 5


            GALACTIC  WONDER


Each singing star

in silence spins,

each galaxy unfolding


Our purest thoughts,

like shining stars,

our sacred self beholding


Each noble thought

rides like a wave

upon the sea of time.


Each loving prayer,

On wings takes flight,

the heavenly stairs to climb.




The Universe, a tiny spec,

I see within my eye

‘Tis more than just the stars and moon

that sweep across the sky.

Its music spins the galaxies in rhythm with the tide

which ebbs and flows across my soul,

the universe inside.




Each soul looks out

from a tiny fragment of space,

woven together by a thread of time.


All of life ebbs and flows

from within this floating mosaic ~

 now in the shadow ~ now full of light ~

 now silent ~ now screaming.


Each life weaves in and out

of the lives around it~

always creating a pattern ~

often weaving a web…


Even in dying,

each soul leaves an imprint ~

a constant ripple

in the ocean of humanity ~

never to be recalled.


No two faces are the same,

yet all are connected.

No life is lived apart

from the energy of the whole.

The whole is within each part

and yet sustains all parts.

You are a part of the mosaic,

yet the mosaic is you.




You appear so distant

- so tiny

- so unreachable.

Yet every star and planet

within your vast galaxy

spins within my soul.

There is no music here on earth

That does not echo of your intimate song.

If I could expand my spirit

to its eternal fullness

I would find your beauty

shimmering in every crevice of my being.

I need but open to the beauty

of your galactic wonder

and be bathed in the breathtaking splendor

of your humble expanse…


Every breath I take

is an inhalation of your sacred solace.

Every breath I exhale

ignites again the spark of divinity

which suspends you in the heavenlies.

You and I are one -

jewels in the cosmic crown of the Creator.




The earth spins and hovers,

suspended in its space,

by the same eternal music

which plays with subtle grace

It curses through my veins

and whispers to each cell

With the rhythm of the universe

springing from the well.

Deep within this soul of mine

 the galaxies spin on

Not mindful of the space or time

which never will be gone.




The music of the galaxies

is calling to our hearts.

Each note hovers,

suspended on a staff of light-years

waiting to be sung

into the vibrating void of the universe.


Our thoughts weave together

upon the score of life

and are reflected back to us

in the twinkling mirror of heaven.




How many stars are there under my feet?

I walk upon the galaxies.

Each step I take is upon a star.

I gather stardust as I go.

The sun and the moon, they are my companions.

Together we radiate love.

Together we bring renewal and joy to the universe.

We gather hearts that are sad

and we hold them in the loving arms of the cosmos.

We gather eyes that cannot see

and we bless them with the inner sight of knowing.

We gather ears that cannot hear

and sing to them the celestial music of the stars.

We gather feet that cannot walk

and we carry them from star to star.

All is healed in our embrace. No one is turned away.

All find love and wholeness.




The stars above us light the sky

but what is that to you and I?

We cannot comprehend or see

the distant stars or galaxy.


So we assume that all life is

upon the earth we know.

How could there be life anywhere

that humans cannot go?




The galaxies, the stars above,

their wonders rain upon us.

They hold their place and spin in time,

unhindered by our rush and fuss.


If lyrics did their tunes adorn

what message would they send us?

What words of wisdom gently cloaked

in vast arrays of stardust?




The winged heart takes flight upon the breath of night

soaring silently higher than the sky

void of color yet full of light

wings outspread beyond time

riding on Eternity.

The pulsing heart beats with an endless rhythm

Encompassing all yet feeling nothing.

The wings move more slowly

and the heart pours out its Life

covering the cosmos.

Out of the night comes a tone so pure and clear

A new song, an endless rhythm -

Eternal Love.

The winged heart once again takes flight

having graced us with new Light.

We now soar silently

beyond time into Eternity




Chapter 6






God is unchanging.

It is our perception of God

which changes

to accommodate the stage

of our evolution.




The Sacred Self

its soul does know.

By breathe, itself,

its life does flow.

There is no start

nor place to end.

The Breath,

into a circle, bends.


So come into this circle now

and in your center

kneel and bow

to God who gives life,

and sustains

all those, who, in Him,

do remain.






around the universe.



into a trillion vibrations.

A hologram

in every sliver of life.



are the incarnation,

God’s energy

enclosed in a body,

ever changing,

dust to dust,

transient hosts to divinity.




The Word, once spoken, becomes form,

infused with spirit, Breath and Life.


The Word is Truth, eternally breathing,

filling the void with vibrant nothingness.


The Word is all humanity,

suffering, laughing, living, dying,

the thoughts of many in one mind.


The Word embraces galaxies,

spins through space like an invisible thread

which joins all of creation in one Word -





The prism in the heart of God

reflects the light within it.


There are no shadows dwelling there

only the brilliant hue of every color of creation.


Light radiates out from all sides of the prism.

Each light beam carries with it the image of God,

resplendent in its simple beauty.


Let this prism envelop you.

and invite its glorious beams to fill you with their light.


Empty yourself, that you might be transparent.

As the light then shines forth from your spirit,

you become light.

The prism is now within you.




We give to God so easily, those areas of our lives

that do not mean as much to us.

And the things we cherish the most

we find most difficult to surrender.


How ironic that we cannot fully trust God

with the things that are dear to us.

It is as if we think He will take them away from us

if we turn them over to Him,

or that He will ask some sacrifice from us.


When in fact everything we have is a gift from God

and God desires joy and peace for us.

In surrendering all to Him

we can be assured of a deep sense of peace,

knowing that His Will is perfect and His Will is Love.




It is time for each of you to rise and answer the Call.

It is time for each of you to stop dwelling on the Fall.

It is time for each of you to turn your back on fear

and recognize your place with Me

is right now and right here.


My Grace is still sufficient for each moment that you live.

There is nothing that you need

that, in My fullness, I cannot give.


There is nowhere you can go that I am not already there:

No detail of your life that is beyond My love and care.




If we believe that God dwells within us,

then this begs the question,

“where within does He dwell?”


Surely the essence of God is not this physical form.

More likely,

God dwells within the very essence of who we are.

His Spirit in our spirit.

This would certainly lead to the realization

that His Spirit IS our spirit

and that as we surrender to that Oneness

we experience the fullness of divinity within.


It is inconceivable

that God could be restricted to one part of our being -

as we know that God is everywhere….

Once we recognize the Spirit of God within us

we can say, “I am God”,

but the Ego will respond, “no, I am god”.


We must choose which God to worship

- for there is only one true God.

We either worship the ego - the illusion of self -

or we worship God - the reality of Spirit.

We cannot serve two masters -

for we will either love the one & hate the other,

or hate the one & love the other.


*Do not resist the ego.

Simply let it go and see your divinity.

“You no longer need the ego

once you find your true self in me.

I am the breath of your life

and I blow gently through all creation. …


Look around and see my energy moving in all things.

It is I who made thee

and whose love calls out to thee,


‘We are One - you and I - We are God’”.




As co-creators with God,

we are constantly

creating our reality.


Holy One,

dwelling within me,

What do You see through my eyes?

What do You see as I look at the world?

What do You see as I look into the eyes

of Your other children?


Help me to see what You see.




I chose to come into this existence

to be a voice for God -

to express the mystery of His Grace

and to embrace all people

with His unconditional love.


I now desire to speak freely and clearly,

expressing His love to everyone

with whom I come into contact.


I have never doubted the reality of God

within me, but I have doubted

my worthiness to be as His temple. …


I now realize

that “I” am not this physical form,

nor am “I” the “ego”,

but rather “I” am the holy, pure, loving spirit

which houses the eternal energy of God

and is therefore not to be judged,

measured or condemned

but is just to allow God’s love

to flow into it and through it.


I now choose to recognize my spirit

as a channel for God’s love

And I no longer doubt

the divinity of my essence.





If God is Love

and God created me in His image,

then I am love.


If God is Holy

and God created me in His image,

then I am holy.


If God is Omnipotent

and God created me in His image,

then I am omnipotent.


If God is perfect

and God created me in His image,

then I am perfect.



We are not separate from God.

We only perceive that we are,

and in that illusion we lose touch with our divinity.

Why should we fear God,

that fountain of love

which desires nothing more

than to bubble up in joy

from the wellspring of our soul?

Why should we be afraid to say,

“I am God and I am love

and I am all that is?”

Yes, “everyone who loves has been born of God

and knows God”.

If we are born of God,

we can be none other than the beloved.

Love is our only true essence….


Taste and see that the Lord is good.

Drink from the fountain of eternal life.

Dance in praise and walk in humility,

but live in joy,

for it was in joy that you were first conceived

by the mind of God

and it was in love that you were brought forth.

Seek no more for a purpose.

Know that love is the only true purpose for any God.

And find within yourself

that fire of love

which cannot be extinguished by the illusions.

And dwell in that fire,

allowing it to purify your soul

and remind you that you are love.



All is sacred and holy.

It is only when we allow fear

and it’s by-products to take over

that we become blinded

to the true beauty of God’s presence everywhere.


If I believe God dwells within me,

this does not set me apart from you -

for I must also believe that God dwells within you.


At the level of the Spirit,

which is where God becomes our reality,

we are all one -

connected by the Sacred flow of divine energy -

the precious, life-giving breath of God.



Let us ask not that God would grace us with His presence.

Let us ask rather

that we become more present to His grace.


Let us ask not that God’s love would fill us.

Let us ask rather

that we be willing to drink at the fountain of Love.


Let us ask not that God’s Spirit would come and heal us.

Let us ask rather

that we would recognize His Spirit present within

and know that we are already whole (holy).

For God is Love

and by His Grace He is present to us always

in the Spirit of holiness.




How are we “like unto God”

Whose image we reflect?

‘Tis not in form, nor flesh, for sure,

nor color, shape, nor size


And yet...

His Word says He created us

to be like Him, it is true.


We’ll find His Spirit

in our own

When You are me

and I am you.




I believe that we are partners

with an eternal, invisible reality

which waits for us to invite it

to come into view.


As the world continues to unravel, we are not alone.

The universe of the Spirit is alive and well,

acting on our behalf,

anxious for us to connect on all sides,

in order to turn the world “inside-out”.


We need not fear -

Love is ultimately all there is,

and if we choose to love and only to love,

then we will be one with the Spirit of Love -

the Spirit of God -the Giver & Sustainer of all life!




May we find nestled in some corner of our heart

both the cradle and the cross.


And may they be embraced by the open tomb

of at-one-ment.


The cradle is a miracle.

The cross is a mystery.

The open tomb of at-one-ment

is Grace personified.


We must not worship the cradle.

We must not lament the cross.

We must rejoice in the atonement

and celebrate the resurrection,

receiving the gift of grace, the gift of love

and of life eternal.




What is this yoke

of which He spoke?

What burdens would He carry?


What is this rest

He promises

to those who are so weary?


Who is He

Whose heart is great

and so full of compassion?


It is my God,

my Lord,

in whose Image I am fashioned.




The Source of our energy is universal & divine.

We invite it to fill us and to flow through us

to those whom we embrace in prayer.

And we ask that they will have a deeper awareness

of the eternal source of their energy also

and will draw from it directly.


In this way

we will collectively increase

the spiritual flow of energy upon the earth

and bring healing to the world around us….


We ask that the Creator God

would nourish the ground around our home

and that the soil would be receptive

to the flow of creative energy

to prepare it for the plants which will grow in the spring.


Even though the surroundings are not ancient

and the plants and trees are young,

when they are fed by the eternal energy of the cosmos,

they can be an active part of a mystical garden

where people can come and commune

with the Spirit of God

and increase their intuition and awareness of synchronicity




That which is in God

is present within all creation.

That which I choose to have within me and to send out

is that which I will receive back.

We cannot be forgiven

if we do not have forgiveness in us.

We will not feel loved

if we do not love ourselves and others.

Whatever we send out comes back to us again.

The universal energy cannot give to us

that which we do not already have within ourselves.

If we perceive ourselves as abundant,

we will experience abundance in our lives.

If we perceive ourselves as lacking,

we will experience lack in our lives.




A note - a tone

A song is sung.

The Sacred has been spoken.


A thought, a breath,

A Word goes out.

Eternity unbroken.


A time, a place

A day is born.

The Spirit has awakened.


New life, new hope,

New Peace on Earth.

All sorrow now forsaken.




So often we search for God

but God is not out there somewhere

waiting to be found.

We need not go looking.

We need only to remember

that the loving Creator dwells within us

and is ours to embrace in remembering.

It is we who have forgotten our source

and the divine energy from which we were created.




There is but one God,

divinely expressed through each of us.


When God within me is aligned with God within you,

the healing energy flows freely

through us and between us.




As we draw nearer to God,

we become one

with the intimacy of His relationship

to all of creation.


We start to feel His heart beat within us.


We hear the whisper of His breath

call out gently to the beloved.


We feel the passion of His desire

to be united with the beloved.


We see only the beauty in the beloved

as we become one with His vision….


We see as He sees;

hear as He hears;

feel as He feels;

love as He loves.


We lose ourselves in Him

only to find ourselves

once again in

all of creation.


As we let go of the definition of whom we are,

we find that we are all things,

no longer needing to be defined.




Remember that you are spirit.

Your life began

when God breathed His Spirit into you

and it is by His Spirit that you are sustained.

Each breath we take is sacred.

We are breathing in the Spirit of God.


Each life is precious, a gift of Spirit,

to give back to the Divine Source.

The eternal cycle is “ONE”.

“ALL is ONE”.

If “God is Love” and “God is everywhere”

then Love is everywhere.

If God dwells within each of us

and is the source of our life,

then love dwells within each of us

and is the source and sustaining power of our life….


Truly, we are “spiritual beings

having a human experience”.

It took courage to decide to come to this earth

and to experience our humanity.


If we could but remember

that we have within us the divine,

then the apparent reality of the world around us

would grow dim and we would glimpse once again

the glory and the light of the divine God-love,

and we would have hope once again

and would come to know ourselves.


It is then that we can turn

and embrace the world around us

in a blanket of love so rich and pure

that all else would fade away.




Christ came, not to show us our humanity,

but to show us how we might allow

the divine to live through us.

His life is a reminder

of how to transcend the illusion

and to dwell in the reality

of fellowship with God.


But we must first embrace others as ourselves

for we are not separate.


At the level of the Spirit we are all one,

one with God,

one with each other,





It is from the Spirit of God that we draw

our strength,

our energy,

our hope,

our faith,

our joy,


our very life.


It is from His Spirit to ours

that we are connected.

We need only ask

and the Spirit

will flow into our reality.



Perhaps the Universe is watching

to see if we maintain a cheerful spirit

and a thankful heart

in the midst of trials and struggles.

If we do, then we have learned

that it is not our circumstances

which bring to us joy,

rather we have the power to choose our response

to any given circumstance.


Then the universe

can freely bestow blessings and abundance,

knowing that we will not become addicted to

or dependent upon such fullness,

being un-attached,

we will more wisely handle the richness.




Perfect love casts out fear.

Fear is not of God.



God would not create something

with the intention of causing us fear.


We create fear.


God creates only love and light.




Salvation occurs

in the instant

we recognize ourselves

as forgiven,

healed and one with God,

which was how we were created.





Who are you?

I am God.


What do you do?

I create.


Where do you live?

I live within.




Who calls across the water blue?

I ask myself,

“God, is it You?”


The rays of sun reflect in the sea.

God answers,

“Look within.

It is Me”.



I would speak to your heart directly

if you were not afraid to hear from me.

You have forgotten who you are

and so you long to hear the words of others

whom you believe to be closer to me

or more favored or more blessed.


I love you all.


Each one of you is blessed and loved by me.

The few who listen without fear hear my words.

Those who are not afraid to look

see my messengers.

And those who are not afraid to live

feel my heartbeat…


But now is the time for all of you

to awaken from your fear

to look up and see my face -                

to listen and hear my voice        

to live and experience my precious, holy gift of life.


Do not be afraid.

I am with you.

It is I who breathed life into you

and it is I who continue to sustain you.


Let go of everything except love.

It is love that encourages you to let go.

It is love that reminds you that you are divine.

It is love that will teach you

that you need not hold onto anything

-for indeed, you are everything.




You know me

as the voice that whispers from the corner of your heart,

“Be not afraid, I am with you always”.

You know me

as the deep remembering of your very beginning

long before time and space began.

You know me

as the silence which embraces you

and gently invites you to enter into its vastness.

You know me

as the music of the galaxies which sends stars

spinning and spiraling across the vibrant void of space.

You know me

as the tiny seed which rests within the rich, dark earth,

waiting for the warmth of the sun

to nurture it into growth…

You know me

as the mystery which weaves its wonders through your life

and asks only that you welcome it with joy.

You know me

as the innocent glance of a child as it looks

towards its mother and reaches out to be held and fed,

trusting the love which caresses it.

You know me

as the life energy which exists within every living thing

and which connects you to each other

 with an inseparable cord of love.

I send to you my angels

to open your inner knowing

and to help you recognize me in all that you see.

You know me

as the divinity that dwells within you.

Rest in my love and know that we are




All you need is within you.

What you have created around you is merely a distraction -

a temporary manifestation to draw you out of yourself.

When you look around, your vision is drawn outward,

and you forget to look within.

Release the outward manifestations.


Close your eyes

in order that you might see the truth within.

Close your ears

so that you might hear the truth within.

Close your heart of desires

that you might find the love within.

Then you will realize that all is within you

and yet you need none of it….


You can have everything you desire

and yet what you most want is to desire nothing.

When you no more long for this or that,

then at that moment you will discover that

“this or that” did not really exist.

And instead of reaching out for illusive cobwebs

you will sit at peace within your self

with your hands resting contentedly upon your lap,

palms opened, facing upward,

ready to receive the total nothingness

which is your deepest longing.


You will no longer be part of the race or the chase.

You will finally realize there was no race or chase

and that all that was required of you was to wait,

silently, in love,

and to know yourself.



What God has wanted all along

was to “channel” to us - through us.

“Channeling” should not be seen as an odd occurrence

riding upon a new wave of spiritual energy.

Rather, it has been God’s desire from the beginning

to communicate clearly to his children.


When we pray, we should expect to hear back directly,

instead of it being an unusual moment

of divine intervention

when someone “hears” from God.

It is not that we are unique when God speaks through us

and are therefore to be looked up to,

rather, the truth is that every single person is special

and we are to encourage each other to listen to God

and to hear His voice in a most personal way….

Many say

“if only I could hear God’s voice, then I would believe”,

but I say to you

that if you will believe then you can hear His voice.


You have heard His voice many times

speaking to you through the words of others,

in books, songs, sermons and in conversations,

but until you desire to hear every word

with true listening

you will not recognize His voice.




Prayer is not about sending something

to a God outside of us.

It is about centering ourselves and going deep within

to the place of absolute stillness and silence.

We do not have to ask God to listen.

God hears and knows everything.

It is in this place of silence

that we become aware of His listening.


Hold an acorn in your hand.

Imagine yourself sitting beneath the shade

of its outstretched branches.

Within the seed lies dormant the power of the mighty oak.

When the seed is planted,

the dormant powers are activated

and begin to grow and expand…


Hold a prayer within your heart.

Imagine yourself standing in the midst of the total manifestation of that prayer.

When the prayer is planted deep within your soul,

the dormant power of manifestation comes to life

and is activated into growth.

When you connect your desires

 to the desire of God within you

that power expands and manifests all.




Once you open your ears

you will begin to recognize the sound of His voice

even within your own heart.

His is not a voice of silence,

and yet it can be heard most clearly in a heart of silence.

You will find God within you

because He has chosen to create you in His image

and to dwell in you.

You are a spiritual creation with a divine purpose

and your essence is pure, loving energy…


It is not until we are willing to see the divine within others

that we can recognize the divine within ourselves.

At that moment we experience the epitome of divinity

as we finally remember that we are all one

and there is but one God!




It is important to realize that there is a power and energy

that is larger than we are.

It is an all loving, all knowing, energy

that is unlimited in its creative capacity.

It is a resource for each of us- indeed it is our source.

When we connect with this mighty,

loving universal energy

there is nothing we cannot do.

Enlightenment comes

when we stop searching for this energy

outside of ourselves

and realize that it is within our very spirit.




We enter the temple of Wisdom

and far across the other side we see GOD,

a beautiful, glorious, all-radiant light,

drawing us lovingly towards itself.


The light is like a long, open hallway

~ all light & love ~

and as we enter the light we find our space,

the space that fits us perfectly,

the hollow that was there

from when we first went out


And now we return to fill that hollow,

~one by one~

each person, each living creature finds its place in GOD,

feeling an unsurpassable joy and deepest peace…



All longing ceases

and contentment fills each being.


Finally, as the last hollow is filled,

GOD lovingly embraces himself,

embracing within himself

all the galaxies and universes

and every living being, created & uncreated,

all returned to the SOURCE,

the Beginning & the End,

and He laughs.


His joy overflows.

LIGHT fills itself and flows out into itself again.