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How A Blacksmith's Boy Became A Knight by Paul Hull

How A Boy was Cured of Boasting by Mabel Powers

How A Fast Train Is Run by Russell Doubleday

How A Good Dinner was Lost by Fannie Benedict

How A President is Inaugurated by Clifford Howard

How a Tiger Was Killed, A Santhal Pargana Tale

How an Indian Boy won his Name by Mabel Powers

How Automobiles Work by Russell Doubleday

How Bess Managed Tom by Unknown

How Brother Rabbit Fooled the Whale and the Elephant by Sara Cone Bryant

How Catherine Douglas Tried to Save King James of Scotland by Charlotte M. Yonge

How Colonel Kate Won Her Spurs by Florence Finch Kelly

How Cousin Wildcat Served Br'er Fox

How Danny Said he was Sorry by Anonymous

How Dickon Came by His Name by Harold Frederic

How Did the Canary Do It?, by Celia Thaxter

How Did You Die? by Edmund Vance Cooke

How do I find Old Sarum

How Don Diego Fought the Three Brothers by Robert Southey

How Don Quixote Arrived at an Inn Which He Imagined to be a Castle by Judge Parry

How Dorothy Helped the Angel by Unknown

How Father Tom Connolly Began to Be a Saint by Francis Clement Kelley

How Fidelia went to the Store by Mary E. Wilkins

How Fremont crossed the Mountains by Edward Eggleston

How Good and Evil came to Be by Mabel Powers

How Great is the Glory of Kwannon by L. Adams Beck

How Guglielmo Marconi Telegraphs Without Wires by Russell Doubleday

How Heat Produces Cold, Artificial Ice-Making by Russell Doubleday

How Hiram Spent his Shrimp Money by Anonymous

How I became a Yeoman by Professor Aytoun

How I Stood for the Dreepdaily Burghs by Professor Aytoun

How I Won my Handicap by Told by the Winner

How Ian Direach Got the Blue Falcon, from the West Highlands

How Isuro the Rabbit Tricked Gudu

How it Feels to be Fifty, by Ellis Parker Butler

How it Happened by Arthur Conan Doyle

How Jack Hastings Sold His Mine by Frances Fuller Victor

How Joan the Maid Took Largess from the English by Anonymous

How June Found Massa Linkum by Elizabeth S. Phelps

How Little Duke Jarl Saved the Castle, by Laurence Housman

How Little John Joined Robin Hood by Bertha E. Bush

How Little Shooter lost his Luck by Mabel Powers

How Livia Won the Brooch by Beatrice Harraden

How Maggie Paid the Rent

How Manawyddan Caught a Thief by Lady Charlotte Guest

How Marc was Made Captain by Francis Sterne Palmer

How Margery Wondered by Lucy Larcom

How Mice overcame the Warriors by Mabel Powers

How Morning Star lost her Fish by Mabel Powers

How Moses was Saved by Sara Cone Bryant

How Much Land Does A Man Need? by Leo Tolstoy

How Napoleon crossed the Alps by James Baldwin

How Napoleon Rewarded His Men by Baron de Marbot

How Obadiah Brought About a Thanksgiving by Emily Hewitt Leland

How Old Man Above Created the World, by Katharine Berry Judson

How Old Man Winter was driven Back by Mabel Powers

How Old Wiggins Wore Ship by Captain Roland T. Coffin

How One Girl Showed that She Was Sorry

How One Went Out to Woo by Sir George W. Dasent

How Our Fathers were Physicked by J. A. Langford, LL.D.

How Payne Bucked Up by P. G. Wodehouse

How People Lived in the Time of Ulysses, by Andrew Lang

How Phidias Helped the Image-Maker by Beatrice Harraden

How Pillingshot Scored by P. G. Wodehouse

How Polly Elliott Came Across the Plains by Ella M. Sexton

How Pwyll Outwitted Gawl by Lady Charlotte Guest

How Reelfoot Lake Was Formed by Martha Grassham Purcell

How Reynard Outwitted Bruin

How Robin Hood Drew His Bow for the Last Time by Mary Macleod

How Robin Hood Was Paid His Loan by Mary Macleod

How Robin Hood Went Back to the Greenwood by Mary Macleod

How Salvator Won by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

How Sampo Lappelill saw the Mountain King by Z. Topelius

How Sancho Paid the Reckoning at the Inn by Judge Parry

How Shakspere Came to Write the Tempest, by Rudyard Kipling

How Shall we Govern our Childern? by Nora A. Smith

How Shanggasba buried his Father

How She Learned to Speak by Helen Adams Keller

How Sir Galahad Won the Red Cross Shield by Beatrice Clay

How Sir Launcelot Saw the Holy Grail by Beatrice Clay

How Six Men Got on in the World, by Brothers Grimm

How Smaland and Schonen Came To Be

How Spirits Materialize by Anonymous

How Sun, Moon and Wind Went out to Dinner by E. Frere

How Sweetie's Ship Came In, A Christmas Story by Margaret Field

How the Alphabet Was Made by Rudyard Kipling

How the Arabs Bake their Bread

How the Birds Got Their Feathers, Iroquois Myth

How the Blackfoot Hunted, by George Bird Grinnell

How the Blackfoot Lived, by George Bird Grinnell

How the Bluebird Got its Color by Katharine Berry Judson

How the Camel Got his Hump by Rudyard Kipling

How the Captain Got His Steamer Out by Robert Barr

How the Child of the Sea Was Made Knight by Robert Southey

How the Coon outwitted the Fox by Mabel Powers

How the Crickets Brought Good Fortune by P. J. Stahl

How the Enemy Came to Thlunrana, by Lord Dunsany

How the Fairies worked Magic by Mabel Powers

How the Farmboy Became an Editor by Horace Greeley

How the First Letter Was Written by Rudyard Kipling

How the Gods Avenged Meoul Ki Ning, by Lord Dunsany

How the Indians learned to Heal by Mabel Powers

How the Iroquois give Thanks by Mabel Powers

How the King Came to Sherwood Forest by Mary Macleod

How the Leopard Got his Spots by Rudyard Kipling

How the Man Found his Mate, by Frank Bird Linderman

How the Monkey Saved his Troop, Re-told by Ellen C. Babbitt

How the Office of Postman Fell Vacant In Otford-under-the-Wold, by Lord Dunsany

How the Raindrops and Sunbeams Helped by Ellen Robena Field

How the Rattlesnake Learned to Bite by Katharine Berry Judson

How the Rhinoceros Got his Skin by Rudyard Kipling

How the Robin burned his Breast by Mabel Powers

How the Sheriff Took Sir Richard Prisoner by Mary Macleod

How the Stalos Were Tricked, from, Lappländische Mährchen

How the Stone-age Children Played by Charles C. Abbott

How the Tales came to be told by Giambattista Basile

How the Turkey Buzzard Got His Suit by Mabel Powers

How the Two Ivans Quarrelled by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol

How the Whale Got his Throat by Rudyard Kipling

How the White Man came by Mabel Powers

How the Wicked Sons were Duped by Joseph Jacob

How the Widow saved her Son’s Life

How the Widow Won the Deacon, by William James Lampton

How the Woman overcame the Bear by Mabel Powers

How the World Was Made, by John Maurice Miller

How Theseus Found His Father by Nathaniel Hawthorne

How they brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix by Robert Browning

How they Stopped the “Run” by Anthony Hope

How Thierry Vanquished Ganelon by Sir George W. Cox

How to Attain True Greatness by T. S. Arthur

How to Become a Christian by Burrell

How to Fail in Literature, by Andrew Lang

How to Make a Lawn by W. J. Beal

How to Make a Paper. from Sharpe's Mag.

How to Make History Dates Stick by Mark Twain

How to Pick Out a Birthplace by Edgar Wilson Nye

How to Tell A Story by Mark Twain

How Two Indian Boys settled a Quarrel by Mabel Powers

How Two Schoolboys Killed a Bear by H. F. Marsh

How Ulysses Invented the Device of the Horse of Tree, by Andrew Lang

How Ulysses Stole the Luck of Troy, by Andrew Lang

How Uncle Mose Counted the Eggs

How Uncle Sam Observes Christmas by Clifford Howard

How we Act, Not How we Look by Grace Greenwood

How we Bought Louisiana by Helen Lockwood Coffin

How we got Possession of the Tuileries by Professor Aytoun

How we Hunted a Mouse by Joshua Jenkins

How we Kept Thanksgiving at Oldtown by Harriet Beecher Stowe

How Women Love, by Max Simon Nordau

More, How Stories Came to Earth